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Why you should consider flush windows

Flush casement windows are a fantastic development in uPVC windows, blending traditional and stylish aesthetic while embracing modern technology. They are rapidly becoming the window of choice for many of our customers.

Flush windows deliver all the visual appeal of heritage designs without any practical drawbacks, be it on a traditional country home or a modern inner-city flat. Elegance and quality is assured. 

Flush window

But what are they exactly? Flush windows are designed to look like traditional casement windows in that they don’t protrude from the building. Once only available in timber frame, we now provide them in uPVC, but you can still achieve the timber appearance through one of our impressively realistic timber-effect foils. Using equal sight-lines, the window frames appear the same width, giving your home an understated symmetrical perfection.


The benefits of flush windows

Flush windows have several key benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency
    When closed, flush windows have an airtight seal, which means unwanted draughts and airflow are eliminated. Installation of these windows is an immediately effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce your energy bills. Available in A and A+ energy rated options.

  • Increased natural light
    Due to the optimised design of the frame, flush windows allow more natural light to penetrate your home, providing a warmer and brighter ambience.
  • Improved durability
    Our uPVC windows are extremely strong and resistant to British weather, enhanced with our unique high performing Q-Lon weatherseal to ensure they continue to perform year after year.
  • Low maintenance
    Flush uPVC windows are low in maintenance, requiring just the occasional wipe down and oiling.
  • Customisable
    Our flush window systems offer high performance and enviable style and are available in a range of colours, including woodgrain and solid colour frame finishes and both single and dual colour frame options. Various styles are available to suit your taste and home type; from traditional timber style joints and cottage bars to modern equal sight-lines and contemporary, monkey tail and tear drop handles.